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The Aesthetic Coaches’Quarter is a spicy, new podcast featuring an international cast of five experts – educating Medical Aesthetic business owners and representatives in the industry on best business practices and ways to make you & your clinic stand out. At only a quarter of an hour to debate, you can’t afford to miss these valuable 15-minute opinion battles where the end result is always pure gold!


Should Staff Pay For Treatments?

In this episode our coaches discuss the hot topic of whether staff should pay for treatments. Free treatments for staff? Discounted? Full price? Listen as our experts debate to help you decide which path is right for you.

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Accountability & Giving The Boot

You're fired! It's not always easy being the boss, is it? Our experts discuss staff accountability and when the right time to fire a staff member might be.


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Staff Training

Spice Alert! Buckle in for this one as the coaches discuss the importance of staff training for your clinic and where you might be falling short.

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To Incentivize Or Not? That Is The Question

Money, money, money! Commission and bonuses. Listen in as our team debates whether clinic owners should reward high achievers as oppose to the staff as a whole.

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Many more episodes available for download!



Nathan Strom


George Scandalis


Leisa Krauss


Nick Tvrdik


Steph Tvrdik

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