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Step into the beauty business hub! 

If you're ready for some real talk about kickin' ass in the med spa world, you're in the right place. I'm here to sprinkle some truth, a little tough love, and a whole lot of expertise to help you smash your business goals. So let's get down to business. We're about to turn your dreams into dollar signs!

Making your patients look & feel amazing is the easy part of owning an aesthetic practice

But if you're like many med spa owners, your expertise falls short when it comes to running a business. This lack of knowledge and experience, can lead to a range of negative emotions and challenges, including;


From the sheer volume of tasks you need to manage


Questioning your ability to run a successful med spa

Fear of Failure

Leading to decision fatigue and anxiety 

Stop feeling like you're juggling flaming torches blindfolded, and instead feel like the savvy business owner you are!

I understand your struggle and I want to help you succeed. This is why I've developed digital tools and content to help you manage all aspects of your business effectively, so you can focus on your passion for delivering exceptional patient care.

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Slay-worthy strategies for med spa events that’ll make your competitors sweat!

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Focus more on your passion and less on the administrative burdens of running your business


Free up your time, alleviate stress, and boost profits!

With a hassle-free process and instant access, integrating my tools into your business operations has never been easier!

Ready to simplify your life?







Don't be left out in the cold while others bask in the glow of success. Grab these essentials now and secure your spot at the top of the beauty biz food chain!


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Join me as I peel back the surface to reveal the truth behind medical aesthetics. Each episode dives deep into the hottest topics, delivered with precision and punch. From provocative Rant-a-roonies to practice growth strategies, The Scalpel of Truth is the must-listen podcast for the medical aesthetics industry. And bring your thick skin, this podcast isn't for the easily offended!


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Binge on 50 SPICY episodes of the Aesthetic Coaches Quarter, packed with juicy insider secrets and award-winning advice from yours truly, and our team of aesthetic business gurus. It's like getting a VIP ticket to free consulting!


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